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Q: Does an agency have to contract for all services provided by Urban Graffiti in order to utilize the GRID system?

 A: No, you may contract with any one or more of the services we offer.

 Q: Can copies of photos and reports be downloaded from the site for use by my agency?

 A: Photos and reports can be printed directly from the database website, but cannot be downloaded.

 Q: Can a restitution report be downloaded from the site?

 A: No, unfortunately each incident has individual circumstances that must be taken into consideration. Restitution quotes can be requested from the site and will be returned to you within 24-48 hours.

 Q: Do I need to purchase mapping software to work with the GRID system?

 A: No, absolutely no software is needed to utilize the database and its many features.

 Q: What information is entered into the system for identification purposes?

 A: The tagger moniker and any gang information that is identifiable, the size of the graffiti and the substrate the graffiti is on.



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